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Handmade Racers and Knifes 2017/8/14 21:36
Hello everybody,

I'm visiting Japan for the second time in my life and I like the Japanese handmade knifes very much. So I'm looking for foldable handmade racers. It would be perfekt if it's possible to see their manufactoring. Unfortunatily I didn't found anything on the internet. Do you have any recommendations for me? Is there a special word for these racers?

I will visit the areas of:

Thanks a lot.
by murdock90  

Re: Handmade Racers and Knifes 2017/8/30 09:11
I am not sure what a racer is, but since you are talking about knives, did you mean, razor?
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Re: Handmade Racers and Knifes 2017/8/30 14:10
Sorry I meant razor. I think in Japan they call it "Kamisori".
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