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translation 2017/8/14 23:34
How to translate this?

日本人は西洋ものでいえばファンタジーが好きです。Does this mean "speaking about western things, Japanese like fantasy"?

6月に入り体調をくずしてしまい - does this mean "I (unintentionally) became sick in June" or what "6gatu ni iri" part means?

Thank you for your help!
by spiriti (guest)  

Re: translation help 2017/8/15 11:12
- The first one: are they talking about movies or something? My best interpretation (assuming that) is: The Japanese like fantasy, among the western movies/categories/genre.

- "Taichou wo kuzusu" simply means "I became ill," nothing intentional. "6-gatsu ni hairi" means "into/in June."
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Re: translation help 2017/8/15 14:29

I wonder what "shimai" means in taichou wo kuzushite shimai? Does that mean something "unfortunately?
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Re: translation help 2017/8/15 14:40
Yes, しまう in this sentence essentially means "unfortunately "
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