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Rye Flour 2017/8/15 01:17
Hi guys
Heading back to Japan in October and recently (well, today) I have been diagnosed as allergic to Rye.
Two questions :-)

Is Rye used in any typical Japanese dishes? Im pretty sure ramen & gyoza are wheat flour, right?

Also, any idea if beers (Kirin ichiban is my usual beer of choice) or Whiskys (hibiki or your cheapo suntory highball whisky) there are commonly made with Rye?
Here in Czech luckily the majority of beers are Barley lol.

Thanks in advance guys
by Emdee  

Re: Rye Flour 2017/8/16 01:28
"Is Rye used in any typical Japanese dishes?"

No, except Rye bread, cereal and flakes. Ramen and Gyoza use white wheat flour.

Beers and whiskys normally use barley molt, other than imported(mainly from US and Canada) Rye beers and whiskeys. Kirin Ichiban-shibori beer, and, Suntory Hibiki whisky use barley molt.
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Re: Rye Flour 2017/8/16 05:48
Superstar!! Thanks for the info!!
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