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Needs translation 2017/8/15 14:39

I wonder how to translate the first sentence correctly? "The time you might need my help" or something like that... I think the last means "Now I only can move (perhaps start to work?) only in Oct due to my job where I am working"?

If someone can provide a correct translation I would be happy ^^

Thank you!
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Re: Needs translation 2017/8/15 16:09
"This is only assuming that I will be employed (by you),
due to circumstances including my current work/project at hand, I can only move from Oct."

I cannot really tell when they say "move," they mean "get going = start work," or physically "relocate." I tend to think it means "start work."
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Re: Needs translation 2017/8/15 16:24
Thank you! Thank you!

Can I ask how this is going to translated, 採用していただくことになった, because 採用して means adoption, use and thus don't understand its usage in this sentence.

Sorry for asking...I would like to understand properly in order to learn
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Re: Needs translation 2017/8/15 16:55
採用 also means "hire" (as in recruitment/hiring process) as well, in addition to let's say ideas and other things getting "adopted."


This is speaking about the time [if (and when) I am going to be hired (kindly by you)],


採用する means to "hire"

採用して もらう the te-form of the verb + "morau" = I am being hired
採用して いただく the more "humble" form of the above
採用して いただく こと に なる things turn out that I am being hired (kindly by you)
採用して いただく こと に なった 時 when things turn out that it is decided that I am being hired (kindly by you)

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