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Ryoshusho - Behind the scenes 2017/8/17 12:17
When you request ryoshushos from shops for business related purposes so that your company can reimburse you, what goes behind the scenes?

For example, the places I've been going to issue a ryoshusho with nothing written on it, but I get the proper stamp/seals. But recently, I've piled up some ryoshushos, and I don't remember which is which so when I fill them in myself, I realized I put the wrong price for the wrong ryoshusho. In the end, they amount to the same total though, so in technicality, is there anything wrong with that? What goes on behind the scenes of a ryoshusho?
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Re: Ryoshusho - Behind the scenes 2017/8/17 18:03
Well, I reckon you're very young and inexperienced, but it's nothing complicated, and it's nothing unique to Japan.

Ryoshusho is a proper receipt you can hand to your accountant to show that your employer's money is being properly spent, or eventually be handed to the tax office to show that you're not spending on personal purposes when you're supposed to be spending on business purposes, etc. etc. etc.

But shops and restaurants often give you blank receipts as part of their service so that you can fill in any big amount you like for any purpose or even pretend that your friend spent the money and give the ryoshusho for your friend to use. In short, this is called "cheating". An honest spender is supposed to immediately fill in the correct information before he/she forgets it.

But let's say you spent 10000 yen on business but lost your ryoshusho or forgot to obtain it. Hey, you happen to have a blank and stamped ryoshusho you had kept since you spent 5000 yen on business. You can quite often get away with writing 15000 yen on that ryoshusho so that you can get all your money back.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination. But really, be honest and work properly. Japan is lacking enough of its taxes.
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Re: Ryoshusho - Behind the scenes 2017/8/18 13:47
Thanks Uco, it answers the question.

But out of curiosity, my "hidden secret question" is that does the ryoshusho go back to the government tax people or shop at all? For example, is there any tax or government people invovled?

Does the ryoshusho go back to the shop? For example, if I mistakenly wrote the wrong price, and the company or whoever goes to the shop to double check, the shop may say "no, nobody spent this much."
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Re: Ryoshusho - Behind the scenes 2017/8/18 17:19
Technically, that can happen. It can happen if you're suspiciously taking great advantage than you seem. Actually, you should be asking these questions to your colleagues or your accountant.
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Re: Ryoshusho - Behind the scenes 2017/8/19 03:36
I think you know the amount on each expense. You must have the printed and/or credit card statements to report honestly, if you still insist you forget to fill in the amount on a blank receipt paper. Don't try to skim a little here and there as you may be caught, maybe not right away but eventually. The best thing is being honest. If your superior suspects something is fishy, you may be called in and/or he might check on his own just like if IRS suspects a company is cheating on the taxes, they might audit the co.
Is it worth wasting your time trying to remember to retrace the amount or be nervous being found out or what action your boss may take?
Anyway I wouldn't hire you.
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