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When to start Language School studies? 2017/8/24 22:34
I know that April is standard month for most of the new studies/fresh jobs startings but I see that major schools often allow to choose from 4 different months (Sep, Nov, Jan and Apr). What would be the most appropriate for me considering I am aiming at getting EJU/JLPT2 and applying to Uni? I have checked Uni pages and most of them require to provide documentation and take exams in Spring (which gives me anxiety considering I can take JLPT/EJU only twice a year and after only 1 year of studies in JLS (out of 2-year programme) I might not yet be able to accomplish that. Therefore it seems logical to start at JLS in September but I still have doubts. On some Uni pages it is written that foreign nationals are allowed (or required?) to take exams during Autumn, that makes things even more unclear for me.
by Vitazzz  

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