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Translation request 2017/8/25 15:01
Could somebody please translate this in native Japanese?

I can't seem to figure out the right meaning.

ライン で 媚びたなら いっか また 二人きり で どっか 行けたらい い なぁ…!なんか 会う 口実 を 見つけねば
by Hank (guest)  

Re: Translation request 2017/8/26 00:01
I don't care if you made eyes at by LINE.
I wish just the two of us meet again. I have to find an excuse to do so.
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Re: Translation request 2017/8/26 12:10
This is why I'm confused...I've had three translation and everytime it's different.

According to another translation it says:

"Wow that phrase!lol but you flirt him by Line so it's ok. I wish we could hang out only us...! We should find excuse to meet"
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Re: Translation request 2017/8/26 14:28
It's so colloquial, and it is given without the context, so we can only "guess" to some extent, that's why everyone comes up with different versions. For example, I "imagine" this was written by a guy (somehow from the tone), but cannot tell if he is talking to himself or talking TO someone.

So my guess is that his girlfriend flirted, or played "coy" (going literally) on LINE, and the guy is talking to himself about his conclusion about it.

"If she flirted on LINE, I guess that was OK. I hope we can go somewhere just the two of us alone, again. I have to find some kinda excuse/reach to meet (her)."

I have no idea where that "wow that phrase" came from.
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