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Average teenage height? (nervous) 2005/4/18 10:15

Next summer (not this summer, but a year from now) I will go for a month to Japan as a summer exchange program.

I'm very nervous about my height (I'm a boy in my mid-teens), since I'm already Caucasian or white and I don't want to stick out more than I have to.

I'm not tall at all right now - I'm only 5'5 or around 169 cm. But does anyone know the average height of teenage boys in Japan?

I'll be so nervous if I stick out among adults, although I expect to be taller than some girls. =(

I wish this wasn't sterotyping, but I already looked at reports released by the Japanese health wing of the gov't and medical reports and such over the average height.

Thank you for your help.
by NeMC  

170.7 2005/4/18 23:10

170.7cm (17years old male)
157.8cm (17years old female)
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dont worry... 2005/4/21 11:22
Hey...don't sweat the height issue! I lived in Tokyo this past summer as a model...I'm a 5'11 female. (if that doesn't stick out, I don't know what will! ha) You will be looked at some because you are foriegn and Caucasian, but not so often as you would think. Most men were my height and taller...of course with exceptions, but I never once found myself in an awkward situation where I felt more noticable than anyone else. I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful time in Japan!
by Michele rate this post as useful

no worries 2007/8/25 15:22
Don't let it bother you. You shouldn't be so self-conscious about things like that unless you're trying to play sports like I am..I'm about 175 cm...about 63kg...only thing is, I play basketball..I make up for height with speed...

If you don't plan on doing anything involving sports, it shouldn't make much of a me, I'm sure you're not the shortest person in the world...even then..
by Rida rate this post as useful

height in japan 2007/8/25 21:17
let's look at it this way...what would you do if everybody said, 'omg, you're going to stand out SO much!!" can't get shorter, and would you miss the opportunity to experience a totally different culture because you're TALL???

You're going to stand are not Japanese. You have to decide, if it's worth it for a month, and if you can deal. But honestly. If you're going to not do things because you're afraid to do them, well, stay home.
by Spendthrift rate this post as useful

height 2007/8/26 07:36
5 ft 5 inches isn't 169 cm but about 165.1 cm so you will blend in as far as your height. I go toJapan regularly, am 169 cm, Caucasian, and no one
stares at me.
o k at me.
by Sensei 2 rate this post as useful

Don't worry dude 2007/8/26 09:14
Sensei 2
You've been in Japan to long and don't even notice it now.
Dude the Japanese will always look at you, and more so in the country side, just look at it this way your a movie star :-) after awhile you don't even notice it.
by easy as 123 rate this post as useful

5'10 2007/8/27 11:32
5'5 is not tall at all, even in Japan, so you shouldn't be worried-
One year from now, I'm sure you will grow taller than 5'5, but my friend(5'10)didn't really stand out much, kind of blended in.
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compared to me? 2007/9/19 23:50
I'm planning on travelling to Japan shortly - and I'm about 191 cm, or 6'3 and white.

Trust me - you won't stand out more than me. 5'5 is pretty average in Japan.
by swede rate this post as useful

... 2007/9/20 08:55
Actually 5'5" is on the short side for a young Japanese guy these days- they aren't a race of midgets, whatever you might have heard...
by Sira rate this post as useful

well 2007/9/20 17:18
i'm about 5.8 (178cm)
and I don't stick out at all in shinsaibashi :p there are many who are taller than me.
I noticed Japanese people are actually a lot taller than I expected.
by josh rate this post as useful

i was wondering 2007/9/20 19:27
sorry to hijack the thread but since we are on the topic of height, how well recieved would someone who is around about 6"2,well built and fairly muscular be recieved in Japan in terms of looks?

i am thinking of visiting in a few years, for the experience of seeing the sights, my Japanese is limited but obviously i am going to take the time to study it before i go
by er rate this post as useful

Japan 2007/9/20 21:59
Unless you are over 6'6" you won't really stand out in Japan any more than any foreigner does. No matter what your height, unless you are of East Asian descent (I'm guessing not), the fact that you are a foreigner makes you different.
It's nothing to be worried about however.

Of course it's useful to learn some Japanese but don't put off your trip unitl you feel you ave learned enough- I know plenty of people whe have visited and even lived in Japan with no Japanese language at all. The Japanese people are mostly very welcoming and helpful and many people make a lot of effort to help and understand visitors.

by Sira rate this post as useful

yup 2007/10/12 21:59
sorry kids but it doesnt matter how tall or short you are...they are going to stare at you...espeacially if you go to the country side. Dont sweat it too much...they are just not used to foreigners in alot of areas.
by stine rate this post as useful

Height.... 2007/11/30 20:42
Hmm...I think the average is getting taller....but that being said...height isnt important....for most people....brain and ability is....because even if your tall....your stupid...your probably not gong to have a decent future....and in other words.....u get over it....dont fret about what you cannot control.....
by Hmmmm rate this post as useful

height in japan 2007/12/1 16:59
not to worry, avg. height in japan is like 5'6, so not to worry. I myself am 14 and 5'8, and last time i went there, i was considerably taller than most adult males. so 5'5 is not a big deal. plus you will probably grow.
by anonymous rate this post as useful

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