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1 night trip to Kawaguchiko 2017/8/27 20:09
In dec I'll visit to Kawaguchiko for 1 night from Tokyo.
What is the best transport options to go there? Is it by bus or by train?
Or any transport pass can use for this tour?
And what are the best places to visit during this 1 day tour?
I will sleeping that night in Kawaguchiko before heading for Matsumoto in the next month.
Is it better to train from Kawaguchiko or take bus to Kofu and take train from there to Matsumoto?
by hunt (guest)  

Re: 1 night trip to Kawaguchiko 2017/8/29 02:31
If not travelling on a rail pass there is direct bus to Kawaguchi-ko from Shinjuku, Shibuya or Tokyo Station in Tokyo. There is also direct bus from Kawaguchi-ko to Matsumoto.

For things to see and do in Kawaguchi-ko see some suggestions below on another forum. Letfs hope the information is not too outdated yet.

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Re: 1 night trip to Kawaguchiko 2017/8/29 04:57
I went by train. Just be aware not to get off at fujisan station and don't get scared when the train goes back from where you came there. It's still the right direction.

At Kawaguchiko I rent an e-bike and took a tour around the whole lake. That was awesome. If the weather is nice there are some really stunning views of fujisan.
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Re: 1 night trip to Kawaguchiko 2017/8/29 09:20
Hi All,

Thank for your answers.
I haven't decided whether to get JR pass 14 days or Kansai-Hiroshima pass for my whole trip.
If I decided to get 14 days JR pass then I'll be taking JR train to Kawaguchiko as per your suggestion.
If not I'll go with the bus.
I will find out more information about places to visit which can cover in 1 day.
Since I'll be visiting during winter I believe the day will be shorter compare to other season.
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Re: 1 night trip to Kawaguchiko 2017/8/29 12:56
Taking the train from Tokyo to Kawaguchi-ko you have to make a transfer in Otsuki. The latter part of the rail journey from Otsuki to Kawaguchi-ko is not run by JR and the JR rail pass is not valid on it, you have to pay an additional 1140 yen for the separate train ticket.
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