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Second Hand Furniture in Kyoto 2017/8/27 21:21
Does anybody know where to get second hand furnitures such as bed, table, chair and refrigerator in Kyoto (Sakyoku area)? And also, if I were to buy them new, how much should I budget or how much do they normally cost?

I'm relocating to Kyoto for a 1 year stay and was wondering if I should rent a furnished room or an unfurnished one and buy second items for the room.
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Re: Second Hand Furniture in Kyoto 2017/8/28 20:04
I'm pretty sure there are Hard Off/Off House stores in Kyoto. You can sometimes get furniture there, although it's the luck of the draw. You might have to make several visits to get everything you need, or to several stores.

Buying new is a huge range. You may look at the online store of (for example) Cainz Homes to get an idea of price range of the items you're wanting. I don't know if they've got Cainz down in Kansai, but even if they don't, there will be a similar store with similar pricing. Alternately, you can order from Ikea now, and also from amazon.co.jp.

But honestly, hearing your situation, I'd recommend the furnished room. You're only here for a year, so even if things aren't to your taste, you don't have to deal with it for very long. You wont have to worry about shopping in an unfamiliar place right away, or not finding something you need and having to spend more for it than you budgeted. And if you buy any large items, you'll have to get rid of them before you leave yourself, which could be stressful at that time as well. IF you're very picky about your things you should think about it, but otherwise, I wouldn't bother with it.
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Re: Second Hand Furniture in Kyoto 2017/8/29 08:17
Kyoto City International Foundation sets message counter desk where you can read and post buy/sell/giveaway goods both on notice board and online form.
You can have a look for goods you want and buy cheaply and/or get free.
It will cost you of pick up by using taxi or so.

You can buy cheap "Futon" online such as NITORI or MUJI

Hardware goods are often cheaper to buy brand new rather than second hands especially March-April sells because of the beginning of new season of school and work.
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Re: Second Hand Furniture in Kyoto 2017/8/29 16:14
Look for so-called "Recycling" shops. There are several in the city.
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