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Travelling to Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido 2017/8/27 21:35
Hello. I asked a question about travelling Hokkaido and Daibetshu national park here, and I got good answers those I asked.
I am planning to visit Hokkaido on October this year, 2017.
And I want to ask some more questions about travelling Hokkaido.

Today, I read a Korean article about Daibetshu and Sounko ( ?) travelling.
On that article, I read that I can reach to Daibetshu by 2 hours riding train from San chitose airport.
(What do you think if I start from Asahikawa station?)
Cause I'm not good at driving a car, I will try to visit Daibetshu and Sounko with pubic transportation or tour program.
Would you give me informations how i can get to the Daibetshu and Sounko with travelling by public transportations?

And with the article that i read, I noticed that there's a tour program that I can use from Sapporo station. Please write to me how I can use that tour progam.

With that information, please give me more informations about tour program that is operated by companies to Hurano, BA. (known by Hinode park,. Farm domita, blue pond)

It is OK for me to start tour programs at Asahikawa. Cause I know that it is much close to those travelling points from Asahikawa.

Thank you.
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Re: Travelling to Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido 2017/8/29 02:44
The 2 most popular destinations for the Daisetsuzan National Park are Asahidake and Sounkyo both of which have direct bus connection with Asahikawa. Travelling by train to Sounkyo you can go as far as Kamikawa for a shorter bus connection into town.

For organized bus tour do a search at those listed below.

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Re: Travelling to Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido 2017/8/29 12:45
I just returned from summer vacation in Hokkaido, which included visiting Asahidakeonsen (Daisetsuzan National Park).

You can take the bus directly from Asahikawa station (there is a great tourist information center at the station, give them a visit if you need any info).

Bus schedule I got this month has the following departure/arrival times:

It is an amazing experience visiting Asahidake (and going to the top if whether allows). I can highly recommend it!

The train from New Chitose to Asahikawa can easily be found on Hyperdia.
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Re: Travelling to Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido 2017/8/29 12:48
Whoops, these are the right bus times - looked at the wrong station for arrival times - sorry!

Departure Asahikawa St/Arrival Asahidakeonsen
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