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Asthma inhalers and customs 2017/8/29 23:24
I will be going to Japan next week and was wondering if bringing 2 of ventolin (bought it OTC) and clenil modulite inhaler (prescibed with the sticker on the box) each to Japan is allowed. Also, I study in a different country and the medicine prescribed is from the UK so I was wondering, is it okay for me to bring a doctors note from my home country instead of my GP from the UK? Many thanks!

by Mariojmy (guest)  

Re: Asthma inhalers and customs 2017/8/30 13:59
I bring asthma stuff in for myself and dont even use a note.
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Re: Asthma inhalers and customs 2017/8/31 17:09
No problem for your private use without doctors note.
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Re: Asthma inhalers and customs 2017/9/4 18:49
I take both Ventolin and preventor to Japan for a child- at least two of each- one set in carry on and one in packed suitcase- never brought a Dr note and never ever been stopped or questioned in more than a dozen entries through both NRT and KIX.
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