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Egg free dishes? 2017/8/30 06:30
I have an egg allergy to all kinds of eggs, both cooked and raw. Are there any dishes that are definitely safe for me to eat when I visit Japan? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
by Aoife88  

Re: Egg free dishes? 2017/8/30 11:57
Sushi,sashimi, fish (unless you have also a fish egg allergy), tofu, vegetables, meat, rice, soba .... I could go on.

I would suggest however that you bring something printed saying in Japanese that you have an egg allergy and asking the waitress to confirm that there is no egg in what you ordered.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Egg free dishes? 2017/8/30 13:40
Egg allergies are one of the more common food allergies here, so people should be more understanding (as opposed to, say, nut allergies, which are common in the U.S. but almost unheard of here.) You could use the fill-in-the-blank printable allergy card from this website (eggs are "tamago," in Japanese):

More info:
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Re: Egg free dishes? 2017/8/30 14:52
That's all really helpful! Those cards will definitely come in handy too. Thank you!
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Re: Egg free dishes? 2017/8/30 20:22
You needn't worry about packaged foods either; if it has eggs in it, that will definitely be written on the packaging.
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Re: Egg free dishes? 2017/8/30 21:45
My son was allergic to eggs and we lived without them for two years. Although there are plenty of egg-free options, sometimes things like extract can be hidden in your food. Or sometimes your food may not be authentic and may have some eggs topped on something that usually don't come with them.

Be sure you clarify that you have egg allergy when making your order, or better, when making your reservation. The great thing is that there is awareness. Carry a bilingual card that tells people you are allergic to eggs. Don't rely anonymous internet users like me to have it translated. Ask a reliable person such as your Japanese flight attendant or your hotel concierge.

Bon appetit!
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Re: Egg free dishes? 2017/9/1 21:32
And if worst comes to worst, depending on where you are traveling, try some of the many vegan restaurants. If a restaurant is vegan, they're not going to serve eggs in anything. I'd also think anywhere vegan or vegetarian friendly is more likely to be understanding/helpful in regards to allergies, as they are already understanding to dietary restrictions.
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