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Identify place (shrine?) 2017/8/30 08:32
Can somebody identify or recognize the place (maybe shrine?) in Japan depicted in the following picture?

I was trying to identify the place by first finding the bridge using google images. The famous Shinkyo Bridge doesn't fit, since it has 2 piers (bridge supports) near the beginning and the end of the bridge, while the one on the picture has 1 pier in the middle of the bridge.

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Re: Identify place (shrine?) 2017/8/30 14:29
Somewhere in China.
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Re: Identify place (shrine?) 2017/9/3 19:33
Possibly Shuzenji on the Izu peninsula south of Tokyo.
The Shuzenji Temple and the Heida Shrine are up a steep set of steps from the river. The outcrop of rock in the river bed looks very similar to the rounded boulder outcrops in the river near the shrine. It was said that Kobo Daishi made hot water spring from the stream bed to help a young boy cure an old man there.
The bridges across the river are recent in age now so the original bridge maybe gone, if this is the place.
The drawing as well maybe stylised. Lovely print - what publication was it in?
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Re: Identify place (shrine?) 2017/9/6 17:32
I see a tori in front of the building in the top right, so that building at least is a shrine. Of course, before the Meiji Restoration, Shinto and Buddhist buildings were commonly mixed so the actual location could still be a temple or a shrine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haibutsu_kishaku
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