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Japanese takarakuji lotto 2017/9/3 15:21
I want to know about Japanese takarakuji lotto.Do they have English info?How much yen I need to buy a
lotto?How I know the result(pls give me web address,newspaper name)?In a single year,How many times
they play lotto?Do you tell me the highest amount of money they offer to the winners of jumbo lottery?
Beside takarakuji ,Do you know any other org,who offer lotto money?

by Kajol (guest)  

Re: Japanese takarakuji lotto 2017/9/3 19:54
Use Google translate. (wiki/JP)

This is not belonging as Takarakuji, but similar one based football games results.
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Re: Japanese takarakuji lotto 2017/9/11 16:13
It's very easy to buy the seasonal jumbo tickets, you don't even need to choose numbers. One ticket is 300 yen or you can buy an envelope of 10.

The highest prize is I think one billion yen in the year end lottery and the lowest is 300 yen. Most lotteries have a top prize of a few hundred million yen. Winning numbers are listed online or you can take your tickets to a lottery stand and they will run them through a machine to check for winning tickets.
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