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Added friend on Line, but not showing up? 2017/9/4 00:27

I added a friend's LINE by id search, but at that time I had to connect to 7-11 wifi. It was able to search and find the user, and I was able to add, and change the name. I didn't send any message at that time.

Then when I went and connected to my home wifi, this friend is not showing up at all in my LINE. I'm guessing it was the fault of that damn 7-11 wifi. Is there anything I can do? I only remember the few first letters of the line id

appreciate it!
by Rickmeer (guest)  

Re: Added friend on Line, but not showing up? 2017/9/5 16:40
ask your friend again, search on phone number is also possible. Other way is not possible
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