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How to buy PC in Japan 2017/9/6 20:10
I'm goint to Japan to attend college and I'm looking to buy computer. What i meant by computer is a desktop computer, not a laptop. But I want to buy the parts custom, not premade Pcs. I already know what CPU, Motherboard, and gpu i want to buy. But how do you ask the employees to assemble it for you? I'm afraid of assembling it myself because i have no experience on assembling pc. I'm planning on buying it in Akihabara. Anybody knows a good shops to buy the parts? I heard tsukumo, ark pc are good shops.
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Re: How to buy PC in Japan 2017/9/7 14:00
possible, but if you have no skill to assemble and disassemble parts, you can't maintain PC by yourself.

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Re: How to buy PC in Japan 2017/9/7 15:08
You should at least start at Dospara http://www.dospara.co.jp/ and also visit Mouse Computer who build to order http://www.mouse-jp.co.jp/ Both have shops in Akiba. Assembling a pc is really easy, especially with youtube help (yes I know, how to watch youtube without a pc)
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Re: How to buy PC in Japan 2017/9/7 22:33
Ask some japanese friends for help, and go with them. Shop keeper may not speak English.
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