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Anybody wants to play basketball in Fukui? 2017/9/10 22:48
I live in Obama city, Fukui prefecture and is wondering if there is a basketball group or basketball fans in my area who wants to play ball from time to time. I kinda miss playing hoops already.
by Carlo Marasigan (guest)  

Re: Anybody wants to play basketball in Fukui? 2017/9/12 12:52
Here is the site of the basketball team list and you can search if you want to join the basketball team near where you live or work.
They usually looking for the new members.

Rokyu (ċ) is the Japanese Kanji for basketball, means basket and means ball.

In this list, I found one team in Obama, Fukui.
Itfs in Japanese and no phone number. Also you need to register to send a mail. I hope someone help you to do so.
Or according to this info, they usually practice at Obama Jr.High school on Mondays and Saturdays, 19:00-22:00. It may not be every Mondays and Saturdays, but you can just visit and see if theyfre playing. If you see the gym lights on and hear the ball, you can go and ask if theyfre the basketball team,
It may be difficult at the beginning if you donft speak Japanese. But since they are all basketball players, you should be fine. They are planning to register Obama City League so youfll be welcome!
I hope you this info helps you and you can play basketball soon!
I love (watching) basketball game.
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