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mt fuiji visibility 2017/9/11 02:06
dear all,

in two weeks I will be in tokyo for a few days. One of these days I want to use to go to the five lakes to see mt fuji. I understood that there is a chance you have a bad weather day resulting in not seeing mt fuji at all. Is there a page where you can check the visibility to see mt fuji on the day itself so you can better plan when to go?

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Re: mt fuiji visibility 2017/9/11 13:15
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Re: mt fuiji visibility 2017/9/11 14:45
I have greatly enjoyed the increasing number of live camera's on Youtube. There is this one with a view of Mount Fuji From Shizuoka 静岡市さった峠. Although at the time of posting you will have to take my word for it.
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