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Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/9/12 23:42

Im considering buying an nikon d850 body during my trip to Japan because of the big price difference here.
This is the camera: https://www.mapcamera.com/item/4960759149336
Here the price is converted to Euros 2500 while in my place its nearly 3800 euros and not available for a month...
So is the warrenty only for Japan or worldwide? Any other things i should consider?

Many thanks
by bram (guest)  

Re: Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/9/13 13:20
Yes, you should consider improving your photographic skills rather than buying gear.
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Re: Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/9/13 16:34
Warranty will be Japan only. Also, worth considering is some companies won't even fix your gear via their regional repair center if you bought your gear elsewhere even if you are willing to pay the out of warranty price.

When I was living in Japan, my Canon 24-70mm need some work done. I had brought it from back home and the Canon repair center in Japan refused to even touch it and I had to go to 3rd party repair shop to get it fixed.
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Re: Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/9/13 16:59
If you go to the website you can find the information easily.

World wide warranty is only for the following

All Nikon Equipment (listed below) are covered by one full year worldwide service warranty (otherwise stated).

- Film SLR Cameras [35mm]
- Nikkor Lenses
- Nikon Speedlight
- Film Cameras' Accessories
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Re: Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/9/14 06:09
NIKON D850 is not on sale currently due to high demand. They are only for sale to pre-booked customers.

D850 is not covered International warrant. Japan domestic warrant for one year only.

Map Camera Shinjuku is not a bad camera shop. I don't think you can expect price discount there. Also, Kitamura(Camera no Kitamura) is another good camera shop.
I think online camera shops are the cheapest to buy. Both Map Camera and Kitamura run online shops but online shop and physical shops are different price range. Physical shops are more expensive because of hiring staff.
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Re: Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/10/2 00:52
I bought my D750 two years ago in Japan

I could get it serviced for shutter change after the D750 recall in France without any problem

The seller told me that the warranty was only valid in Japan, but since it did not break I have not had the opportunity to check it.

As far as I am concerned, the only very significant drawback is that the DSLR language is only available in Japanese and English. While being French, I have no problem dealing with English, but it may create an issue if one day I want to resell it.

If I had to do it again, I would probably get it in the US, where with pricing differential + exchange rate, the D850 is currently available for 2800 €
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Re: Buy nikon D850 dslr? 2017/10/23 09:42
I had a similar question as I travel to Japan on business next month. Thanks for all the useful Answers. I can understand some price differential when the camera is sold abroad shipping costs sales tax import duty etc. But I don't see why Nikon wpuldn't support all of it's paying customers. Once you start discriminating against foreign customers for buying in Japan thats just price fixing with no justification. I
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