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Shows and shopping in Tokyo 2017/9/13 12:28
We are visiting Japan in October and I would be interested to watch a traditional japanese show.
Any suggestions what to look for?
Also, any proposal where to buy good Japanese knives in Tokyo?

Thank you
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Re: Shows and shopping in Tokyo 2017/9/13 15:50
What do you mean with "traditional Japanese show"???

Kabuki? Rakugo? Taiko drumming? Sumo? Baseball? Noh Theater? Kagura? Butoh? ...

Please elaborate.
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Re: Shows and shopping in Tokyo 2017/9/13 22:48
Here are some recommended knife stores in Tokyo: http://whereintokyo.com/dbinx/gourmet.html#japaneseknives
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Re: Shows and shopping in Tokyo 2017/9/14 12:31
The only shows I know are sumo and the Noh theatre.
I am looking for something suitable for foreign visitors that do not speak the language.
Which is the best choice? Is there something with geishas, dancing?
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Re: Shows and shopping in Tokyo 2017/9/14 22:13
Well, no language skills are needed for Taiko drumming. E.g. http://www.kodo.or.jp/en/performance_en/performance_kodo_en/1137
For Kabuki, I think at Kabuki-za in Tokyo they also give you a short English description of the play and you can go for only one act.
Dance would be butoh. Again, no language skills required there.
Awaodori is an other dance, but I only ever saw it at matsuris, i.e. out on the street.
You might simply look at if there is any matsuri around in the time period you are in Japan. They often have performances on the stage of the shrine or even sumo (I know one in Setagaya Hachimangu, but that is in September).

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Shows and shopping in Tokyo 2017/9/15 13:52
As LikeBike mentioned above, visiting Matsuris would be fun and easy, and you’ll experience Japanese traditional. Autumn (Oct. and Nov.) is the Matsuri season and you will see Matsuri everywhere, big and small.
Here are some of the events in Tokyo area in October

Oct. 4 Hie Jinja (shrine), Akasaka, Tokyo
Gagaku performance
Gate open 17:30 and show start at 18:00 Admission fee 3000JPN.
http://www.hiejinja.net/event/autumn/index.php (In Japanese, just for picture)

Oct. 7-8 Ikebukuro
Ikefukuro matsuri / Yosakoi dance performance
http://www.enjoytokyo.jp/amuse/event/362780/ (In Japanese, just for picture)
more than 100 team total 4500 people will perform this dance.

Oct 14-15 Kawagoe (20min from Ikebukuro by train)
Kawagoe Matsuri

Oct. 21-22 Hamarikyu garden, near Ginza, Tokyo
Tea ceremony and other events you can join
http://www.enjoytokyo.jp/amuse/event/884167/ (In Japanese, just for picture)

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