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Lost my camera inside taxi in Osaka 2017/9/14 06:08
Just happen this morning at 3.30 am. We are in hurry and stop a taxi in front of shin osaka station and then drop at shinhankyu station. After that we change taxi to go to Kansai Airport.

Just before we arrived, I realised that my camera is missing and left at previous taxi.
We ask our driver for a help... He's so nice and ask me every detail and try to call the number at the receipt, but there's no answer.

What I heard from him that he will contact my number by the time he get the answer or info.

Guys, can maybe someone here, help me further
I'll send the screenshot of the receipt etc and the detail
Please tell me what to do :(
I can apply report to Osaka Police since I already moved from Osaka
Can I apply it at Tokyo? Or maybe someone know better way
Please please
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Re: Lost my camera inside taxi in Osaka 2017/9/14 18:58
If you have receipt of that taxi, just contact them. Ask someone nearby for help.
You can also report at Tokyo. Go to nearest police department or Koban(police box).
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Re: Lost my camera inside taxi in Osaka 2017/9/14 22:06
Call the taxi company number printed oh the receipt.
or Call Osaka Prefecture Police Department 06 ( 6943 ) 1234. I don't think Osaka Police Dept can answer in English(Japanese only).
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