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Karuizawa Bus 2017/9/14 14:40

I am planning to go to Karuizawa as a day trip & interested to go to the following places :
1) Usui Pass
2)Shiraito Falls
3) Onioshidashi Park

Question is, which bus do I take to go to these areas? Can I do a loop of JR Karuizawa station -Usui Pass-Shiraito Falls - Onioshidashi Park - JR Karuizawa station?
Can't find much information online except for the red bus but even that timetable is in Japanese :(
Appreciate the help!
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Re: Karuizawa Bus 2017/9/15 05:57
(1) Assuming that you want to go to the Usui Pass (the lookout), and not the Megane-bashi (the arched bridge), the walk from Karuizawa Station is 21 minutes according to Google Map. So walking may be the best option. There is a JR Bus that runs between Karuizawa and Yokokawa that passes through the Usui Pass, but does not have a stop at Usui Pass. In below route map, #1 is Karuizawa, #4 is Megane-bashi, and #7 is Yokokawa

(2) There is a city bus that goes from Karuizawa station to Shiraito Falls. See this time table (enlarge a lot to read the English translation).
However, your best bet may be to take a scheduled tour bus which goes to both Onioshidashi (50 minutes) and Shiraito Falls (40 min). It departs Karuizawa Station at 09:30 or 13:40, returning at 13:10 or 17:00. It makes another stop at the Former Mikasa Hotel (20 min). The fare is 4500 yen and it includes admission to the Asama Volcanoes Museum.

(3) There is a different bus that goes from Karuizawa to Onioshidashi. Lines M, S, and O in this map:
Time table is here with green column for weekdays and pink column for Sat/Sun/Holidays.

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