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What's the story behind kantan no ayumi 2017/9/18 09:12
I know kantan no ayumi means "like the young man who tried to walk like the Kantan people, gave up, and forgot how to walk​," but what is the story/legend behind it? Who was this young man? Who were the Kantan people? What is this story even called? I've searched it a lot, but I can't come up with anything.
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Re: What's the story behind kantan no ayumi 2017/9/18 13:56
Why did not you use a dictionary?
The origin is old China's story that written by Souji/Soushi(as Japanese reading).
But there is no proof of whether it is a true story or not, just also left as Kojiseigo of Japanese.

I don't read below that wiki in EN.

Also similar meaning phrase that fr his book exist, but using few.

In Japanese Kojiseigo, "Rongo" by "Koshi" is most famous.
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