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Information about Japanese Orphanages 2017/9/21 12:24
I'm writing a story and would like to check up on some facts before I get everything wrong.

1. What is the process of giving up a child to an orphanage? (Eg. do you need a social worker to come meet you, do they need to see your child, background checks, etc.)

2. I read that one can place their child in an orphanage just temporarily, and that this temp period is around a month or so (but with infinite extensions).
2a. Does the 'application' process change if the parent says that it will be temporary?
2b. Can a parent leave a child in the orphanage 'temporarily' for basically forever (until they turn 18 and have to leave), eg. without severing the family register? I recall reading that many children are not up for adoption at all--is this why? In cases of long-term 'temporary' placements, are there regular checkups to ensure that the parent is still unable to care for their child and etc? (Or is there another way they can keep the bond on paper while cutting it off in reality?)

3. What is the process of actually bringing the child to the orphanage? Does the parent bring them (assuming they proposed the whole thing and are purposefully sending their child there)? Does someone else like a worker from the orphanage do it? Are there any sign-in procedures?

4. Can a single parent adopt?

5. I read that some kids would wait at the entrance(?) of the orphanage in hopes of seeing their parents again. Are they not told their exact circumstance, or would this maybe be because of the temporary thing?

6. Can a child get their own room inside the orphanage, or ask for external housing (ex. school dorms)?
6a. If they can't get it by asking directly, are there ways around this (ex. can other kids ask that child A does not sleep in the same room as them)?

7. I have seen a few pictures of children's rooms, and it seems like they have a lot of personal stuff around their beds. Do the staff bring them presents, or can they ask for presents, or do they get spending money?

8. Children go to public school, but what do they do about their lunch (assuming the school does not provide any)? Does the orphanage pack lunch for them, do they get spending money, do they get to chose, etc.

9. Since bullying seems to be a frequent thing and even extreme bullying may occur, bad behaviour does not get anyone kicked out of an orphanage, right?

10. Are children allowed to go out for things other than school?
10a. Is there a curfew (both for going out or just having a curfew in general)?
10b. If they're allowed to go out, will they be given personal cell phones for contact?

11. Would anyone know where I can find images of the interior of a Japanese orphanage? Rooms, entrance, etc. I tried doing a google search but surprisingly came up with pretty much nothing.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Information about Japanese Orphanages 2017/9/21 17:43
I am surprised that Google wasn't much help to you. I did a search on "Japan orphans" and got 12 million hits, while searching on "Japan Orphanages" got 372,000 hits. A search on "images Japan orphanages" got at least a hundred hits.
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Re: Information about Japanese Orphanages 2017/9/22 00:42
Because number of hits is not equal to relevant information? I want pictures of the orphanage building and interior/room layouts, not of orphan group photos which is the only thing that search term (or anything really) gets me. All text results about Japanese orphans or orphanages are about how many children are in there, how foreign families can adopt, lack of support, etc. There are no accounts of what it's actually like to 1. send your child there, 2. keep them there and 3. live there with details on day-to-day life such as food and money. Please do not direct me to google like I haven't tried without seeing if any of the information there actually answers any of what I'm asking.
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Re: Information about Japanese Orphanages 2017/9/22 01:34
Your questions may seem detailed but they are very vague. It all depends on the situation. Moreover, these things change greatly from time to time, so it also depends on when your story is set in. If you're a professional writer, you should talk to your editor or agent so that someone, other than anonymous internet users, could do the research for you.

Anyway, here's where you can start.
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Re: Information about Japanese Orphanages 2017/9/22 03:22
The time is a good point. I'm looking for information on what things are currently like. I realize that things may vary between different orphanages but any accounts will help, especially if there is a standardized process for some things like sending kids there. I'm also pretty obviously not a professional writer.

It's hard to search in Japanese because I can't read it, but I guess it's a start. If anyone has volunteered or etc. in an institution and can give me some pointers in English it would be a great help.
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