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Kochi airport 2017/9/23 02:23
Please i want to transport from Kochi airport to Kochi JR station with heavy bag from international flight. Does the bus alIow carrying heavy bag?
What is the difference between number 1 and number 2 buses?
Does both buses pass by Harimayabashi station?
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Re: Kochi airport 2017/9/23 13:11
Three types of buses utilize Bus Stop #1 (2 of which go to JR Kochi station), while only one type utilizes Bus Stop #2 (goes to JR Kochi station, with less stops than the two types at Stop #1). So, if you want to avoid taking a wrong bus, go to Stop #2.

I checked the bus company web site, but could not find any policy on luggage size restriction. However, this schedule below says the buses departing from Stop #2 is of "limousine bus" variety, which sort of implies it has under-carriage cargo space.
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Re: Kochi airport 2017/9/23 13:27
Thank you very much
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