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Not another Divorce question 2017/9/24 21:40
Here's our scenario:

Got married in Hawaii and got the Hawaii Marriage certificate to prove it. We registered it in Japan and started living there. I'm Australian, she's Japanese and since we already registered our marriage in Japan we didn't need to in Australia.

Three years later after a bumpy ride our love story ends. Time to close the book to this story and start a new on in life.

So just wondering, do we just need to sign divorce papers in Japan since we only registered it there? What about Hawaii? We do have our marriage certificate from Hawaii state. I hope we don't have to fly over just to sign a divorce papers there too.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: NOT another Divorce question! 2017/9/25 15:45
So you got married in Hawaii, have a marriage certificate from Hawaii, and when you say you registered it in Japan, did you take the Hawaii marriage certificate and reported your Hawaii marriage after-the-fact to the Japanese authorities, so the the marriage went into the remarks column of your Japanese wife's "koseki" (family register) as "married Mr. so-and-so according to Hawaiian law on such and such date, reported to Japan on such and such date"?

And the two of you have been living in Japan throughout your marriage, never in Hawaii?

As far as I know,
If you sign divorce papers in Japan, you will be considered divorced in Japan.

But your Hawaiian marriage record will remain. If you want to dissolve that too, you need to get court papers from Japan stating your divorce, and take it to where your marriage is recorded in Hawaii. (For you to start a divorce proceeding under Hawaii law, either one of you need to be living there for at least six months. )
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Re: NOT another Divorce question! 2017/9/25 19:34
Thanks for your reply

So it doesn't really matter then huh since none of us live in America.

So if I decide to get married again in another country like Japan or Australia (apart from America) then it should be all good.
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Re: NOT another Divorce question! 2017/9/25 22:07
Your divorce in Japan is recognized in Hawaii. You don't have to register it in Hawaii or get divorced again in Hawaii. There's nothing you need to do there.
Hawaii only keep records of marriages/divorces performed in Hawaii. They don't want to know about your Japan divorce until it's required, for example, if you want to get married again in Hawaii. Even then, they only keep record of your new marriage, not your Japan divorce.
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