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Any dishes without beef? 2017/9/30 12:06
My family and I are going to go to Japan after 2 months, and would like to know the food situation there as we are Hindus(we can't eat beef) . Are there any recipes I should be aware of? Are there any phrases that we should know to tackle this situation?
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Re: Any dishes without beef? 2017/9/30 14:31
The majority of dishes in Japan do not use beef, although touristic treats like sukiyaki, shabushabu and nikujaga do.

Just tell them that you are Hindu (ヒンズー教徒 pronounced "hin-zuu-kyoto") and tell them the very common English words "no beef please".

If you are extremely strict about your policies and would like to even avoid a small amount of beef extract, don't rely on anonymous internet users like me. Instead, talk to a reliable person such as your flight attendant or hotel concierge and let them write down the Japanese translation for what you would like to tell the chefs. Be sure to have the translation double-checked by someone else.

I hope you have fun in Japan!
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Re: Any dishes without beef? 2017/9/30 22:56
There are many fish and seafood dishes, as well as chicken and pork around. The one diet that is difficult in Japan is vegetarian. But if only beef is a no- go then you will still have plenty to choose from.

And as Uco said, have your hotel write you a piece of paper saying that you can't eat beef.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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