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EUC / Electric Unicycle (Solowheel, Inmotion) 2017/10/5 15:33

I'd to ask about use of Electric Unicycles / EUC (like Solowheel, Inmotion SCV, Segway Ninebot and others) in Japan. I've found very few mentioning those online and would like to find out more if possible. To split this to several points:

1. Have any of you seen those being used in Japan? They're fairly popular in China and Hong Kong.

2. Does anyone know what exactly they're called in Japanese? As each country and language has different name for those and terminology is not really unified yet it's quite difficult to perform online searches in unfamiliar language.

3. Does anyone know if they're (i-)legal in Japan or if they have any dedicated or shared (like with electric bicycles) classification? Some link(s) to Japanese web site or even better official or government pages would be a great help.

Thank you in advance for any info or tips in regards of above.
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Re: EUC / Electric Unicycle (Solowheel, Inmotion) 2017/10/5 23:34
Such kind of mobilities are not allowed to run on the public roads in Japan. Sometimes they are seen at events or such though.
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