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Gunma rail pass 2017/10/7 03:18
I want to know 群馬県民の日/鉄道記念日1日全線フリー乗車券大人:1800円 小人:900円.
Do You think ,By Buying this rail pass,Can I ride whole of Gunma prefecture By JR & Non JR railway?
2.Do You know,Validity period of this rail pass .
3..Do You know,Its Blackout period (some rail pass applicable only in weekends)
by rajon (guest)  

Re: Gunma rail pass 2017/10/7 18:58
1. No. This pass is for Joshin Dentetsu Line from Takasaki to Shimonita, and the stops in between. This is the train you take from Takasaki to visit the Tomioka Silk Mill. (

2. This pass is sold from September 25th through October 29th. It is valid only in the month of October, on select days (see next answer). You can buy it at Takasaki Station, Yoshii Station, Joshu Fukushima Station, Joshu Tomioka Station, or Shimonita Station.

3. When you buy the pass, you chose ONE day to use it on. You can choose any Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday in October, or October 14th (Railway Day I guess?) or Gunma's Kenmin no Hi on October 28th.
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Gunma rail pass 2017/10/7 21:37
Thanks.I want to visit Tomioka Silk Mill By using 1日全線フリー乗車券.I have one more Que:
(1)web says I need 1000円 as Admission fees.Do you think,It is also applicable to senior citizens,Age 60+
(2)website says I also need another 100円.Do you think By paying 100円,Can I travel Tomioka city, Tomioka Silk Mill By Electric Bus For 1 Day.

by rajon (guest) rate this post as useful

Gunma rail pass 2017/10/8 22:09
If you have student visa,then Tomioka Silk Mill Admission fees will be 250円. I recommend you to
buy:JR ぐんまワンデー世界遺産パス=Gunma one day seikaiisan /Heritage Pass" cost= 2100円
This Pass covered Joshin Dentetsu Line
You can take Shinkansen:Only Base Fare covered
You can take tokkyū /kyūkō=Ltd express and express train:Base Fare covered
by Ron (guest) rate this post as useful

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