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Late Check-in Ryokans in Kyoto 2017/10/10 01:16

A group of friends and I are looking to stay at a ryokan in Kyoto for a few days. However, our flight arrives late in the day and we will likely only be able to arrive in Kyoto around 22:30-23:30. Does anyone know of any ryokans that do accept late check-ins if we opt to skip dinner on the first day or do we have to stay at a hotel and then change into a ryokan on the next day.

by Tera (guest)  

Re: Late Check-in Ryokans in Kyoto 2017/10/10 15:13
hi Tera, i am Japanese living near Tokyo.
it is difficult to find Ryokans which accepts late check in... i cannot find soon.
if you already found any Ryokans you want to stay, you can ask them to accept it.

if i am at your situation, i will stay hotel near the Kyoto station for the first night. and the next noon i will move to Ryokan to put bagages.(if the room is ready, it is ok to check in around 13:00).
The stay at Ryokan is great but relatively more expensive than hotels.
by Minopi rate this post as useful

Re: Late Check-in Ryokans in Kyoto 2017/10/10 16:08
I didn't even search for any that may do it. But from experience of others I have stay and viewed online. I'm pretty sure you'd find 0% will to do check in at midnight.

Just get a hotel closer to the airport for that first night.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

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