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Tattoo friendly onsen in the Hachimantai area 2017/10/10 06:44
Looking at the Tohoku destination map there seem to be many onsen destinations like Ginzan, Zao, Nyuto, Kaminoyama, etc. However, as I wear a small tattoo on my forearm it might be a problem.

Do you know any tattoofriendly onsen in Tohoku or should I rather rent a private bath?

Not sure if covering it up is acceptable everywhere either.

I guess visiting the onsentowns, there is not much else to do than visiting the onsen and bathing...
by Muro (guest)  

Re: Tattoo friendly onsen in the Hachimantai area 2017/10/10 11:55
Please see this question asked very recently:

Essentially if your tattoo is small cover it up (tape...) and you should be fine.

If you Google around , there are also lists of properly tattoo friendly places, but most onsen are not.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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