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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you!

Access to and from Nabana no Sato 2017/10/15 03:12
I wanna ask about the access to Nabana no Sato,

I plan to go to Nabana no Sato by bus from Kintetsu Nagashima and catch a highway bus back to Nagoya st. from Nabana no Sato (Considering i have a shinkansen to catch and the highway bus is presumably the fastest way back to Nagoya st.)
My questions are:

1. Does the highway bus from Nagoya st. and the bus from Kintetsu Nagashima share the same bus stop in Nabana no Sato ?
2. Can i pay the fare for the highway bus on the spot to the driver? Or do i have to buy a tix and reserve a seat? (if i only plan to board the bus one way back to Nagoya st.)
3. Or should i just take the bus to kintetsu nagashima and take train to Nagoya?


by IvanChand  

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