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Any Car Park at Miyajima Ferry Terminal 2017/10/15 18:47
We will be driving to Hiroshima and planning to visit Miyajima on 14 Nov 2017. May I seek your advice where can we park our car while taking ferry to Miyajima?

Is it a peak season on 14 Nov 2017 ?
by Jason (guest)  

Re: Any Car Park at Miyajima Ferry Terminal 2017/10/16 12:04
Go on google maps and select the satelite view.
by hakata14 rate this post as useful

Re: Any Car Park at Miyajima Ferry Terminal 2017/10/16 13:59
I count 7 "P" symbols representing parking lots withing 100m of the ferries.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Any Car Park at Miyajima Ferry Terminal 2017/10/16 22:46

May I know whether 14 Nov 2017 is a peak season for people visiting Miyajima?

by Jason (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Any Car Park at Miyajima Ferry Terminal 2017/10/17 01:57
14th of November will be close to the autumn colour (koyo) peak so Miyajima may well be busy if the weather is good. Then again it is always quite busy. High tides on that day are at 06:46 & 19:04
by Stan Norrell rate this post as useful

Re: Any Car Park at Miyajima Ferry Terminal 2017/10/17 08:10
Yes, there are parking areas around the ferry terminal (several). If there is space or not will depend on the day.

Asking the obvious - if you are staying somewhere with a parking space (like a hotel in Hiroshima), why bother driving to Miyajimaguchi? And depending on what you are doing with your day, why bother renting a car for that day?
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