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Bus time table: Nagasaki to Unzen 2017/10/17 12:53
I am planning to do a day trip from Nagasaki to Unzen in mid-November. I found details about where to catch the bus for Unzen in Nagasaki in the Unzen website (http://unzen.org/e_ver/access/#sec3). I have some specific questions:

1. In the Nagasaki bus station/stop, how would I locate the right departure gate/bus bay for the bus to Unzen? Are there signs in English?

2. Can someone share the departure times (from Nagasaki) of the bus if they have them?

3. Can someone share the departure times (from Unzen to Unzen) of the bus?

Thank you very much.
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Re: Bus time table: Nagasaki to Unzen 2017/10/18 04:44
The table is in Japanese: the top table has Nagasaki Eki Mae on the left and Unzen as the last stop on the right.

The bottom table has the return times with Unzen on the left and Nagasaki Station on the right.

It's Y1800 one way and Y3240 round trip
A round trip ticket is valid for 4 days.

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