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Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/17 20:33
I have been looking at visiting Lake Towada when staying in either Aomori or Hachinohe (will be visiting Shimokita-hanto as well, not as a daytrip though).

I was wondering if it is possible to make lake Towada visit as a daytrip?

My intention is to see Oriase stream and the lake, possibly through a boat tour.

I suppose walking the stream is too long?
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/18 11:57
Depends on how early you leave Aomori and how late you want to make the day and time of year.
In October '09 , I did Towadako as a day trip from Aomori. I got up early and caught a bus, took it through the Hakkoda Mountains. I got off at Ishigedo and walked to Nenokuchi. I then caught a bus to Hachinohoe and from there took the old limited express back, though now the trip would be much much faster with the shinkansen. I personally didn't do the boat trip because I only enjoy boat trips like that so much. I think I would have had time though and I had the much longer trip from Hachinohoe back. If I were to go now, I would take the bus to the Towada Art Center which I regret skipping and then take the bus from there to Shichinohoe Towada before catching the shinkansen.

Good luck!
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/18 15:13
I normally agree with the comment on boats, but it's worth catching the boat here if it's fall season. Most of the better photos will ironically be from the boat....
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/18 17:23
In 2013, I did the same as rkold did but the only difference was that I took a shinkansen at Hach and went to Sendai instead. I had about 5:30 to do the walk and the boat trip and ended up at the terminus for the bus at Towadako, which worked out perfectly to catch the bus to Hachinohe. I think I left Aomori, not Shin-Aomori at 8am and ended up in Sendai about 8pm.
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/18 20:39
Was looking at the timetable for the JR Bus. Leaving 7.50 from Aomori, arriving 9:07 Hakkoda ropeway, arriving 10:22 at Ishigedo, Nenokuchi 10:43, Towadako, 10.58

Next one passing Hakkoda at 10.07, Ishigedo 11:22, Nenokuchi 11:43, Towadako, 11.58

Last bus leaving Towadako station for Aomori leaves 16:00, arriving Aomori 18:59,

For the Hachinohe bus, leaving 8:00 Hachinohe, arriving Ichigedo 9:39, Nenokuchi 10:00, Towadako 10:15

Leaving Towadako for Hachinohe 15.20, arriving Hachinohe 17.35.

I found a few hostels and hotels at the village near the lake, and apparently there are a few more buses between Towadako and Ishigedo than all the way to and from Aomori/Hachinohe.

But if arriving Hakkoda at 9, taking 1-2 hours checking out, 11 leaves another bus, arriving Ishigedo about 12.30. Lunch and walking for 2-3 hours to Nenokuchi. Would be around 15.30 before reaching the lake. Bus leaving from Nenokuchi (stopping along the Oriase stream) 14:18 or 15:55, arriving in Towadako about 15 minutes later.

Sunset around 18.30 so would leave me 2,5-4 hours for exploring the lake area.

The one way ferry trip leaves around 13.45, 14.45 arriving Nenokuchi 50 minuites later, and the roundtrip course leaving 13.15, 14.40, 16.00 for 50 minutes.

So I guess I would need to stay the night or rent a car if wanting to do all that. Would be bad though if the weather is rough and cannot go ferry or have to sit and wait at the hostel/hotel, unless it is a cozy accommodation.

What about snow in the Hakkoda mountain? Maybe skipping it if too much snow or cold...
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/18 23:18
I'm not sure what season or when you're talking about doing this trip. Depending on the month, the bus doesn't run at all and the roads are closed. I am sure there is skiing then but I've no idea how one would get there. I would make a new question specifically about skiing if you're going in the Winter or look at an Aomori Tourist page since much of the area around Towadako closes from November to April.

Again this was in '09 so things were vastly different in terms of train travel, but when I took the bus from Aomori to Ishigedo, there was a brief stop on the route at a visitor's center before we climbed the Hakkoda mountains where bus passengers could get off take some pictures and then reboard the same bus. If you were planning to go hiking then you would need to wait for the next bus. I seem to remember the bus stopped at a ropeway station, but I wasn't interested in doing that and several mixed gender onsen, which I also wasn't interested in, before arriving at the Oirase Stream stops. So for me, there was no reason to get off at earlier stops.

This is anecdotal, but in October '09 it was my second trip to Towadako. I had previously gone in late April '09 when all the roads were first opening for the season. We drove from Towada City (I still regret skipping the art museum!) to "Jesus' Grave" and then planned to see Towadako, but were caught in a blizzard and so went straight to our ryokan in Oyu. Our Ryokan was lovely and in Oyu it was just rain, but there is a reason the Japanese close the roads and I very much respect it now.

In October '09, I returned to Aomori because the next day I planned to see Osorezan. I then took the train the day after to Sendai and watched them build the tracks which would later go to Shichinohoe-Towada.
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/19 06:05
Actually my intention was to go in May or kater during summer. I heard that Hakkoda or some of the onsen around get a lot of snow during winter time. Can't say I am very interested in sking however.
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/19 08:33
Ah OK, I was confused because you were talking about skiing. Skiing should be finished by May and everything should be open. The day after my blizzard in April, there was still snow around the Towadako area but the roads were all ready to go and I am sure by May snow is even less likely. I think you'll have a wonderful trip!
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Re: Lake Towada daytrip possible? 2017/10/19 17:10
Thank you. If I remember I'll try to make a travel report of the visit.
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