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cardstock paper 2017/10/19 17:34
Everytime I go to a stationery or craft store in Japan and look at the paper section I can never find cardstock paper, which is a thicker paper than just regular computer printing paper, it is used for making crafts, is it available in Japan, and if so is there a specific name for it in Japanese ? When I look up カードストック it brings up some textured paper that looks more like textured wallpaper, which is not the same thing as the smooth thick cardstock paper.
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Re: cardstock paper 2017/10/19 18:36
I am not familiar with cardstock paper, but is it something that can be measured in g/m2? If yes, probably your best option is to go to a well stocked stationary shop and give them the g/m2 you are looking for.

Enjoy making what ever it is you do with this paper!
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Re: cardstock paper 2017/10/20 08:15
Yes there is a name for it クラフト用紙(kurafuto youshi). There are few other ways its called, generally this type is used for papercraft (ペパークラ). To my knowledge this can be found at art supply stores like Kawachi however Loft and 100yen shops like Daiso have been known to carry them. Tokyuu hands might also have it.

I do papercraft as well but i can tell you if you ask some staff about it, you need to be specific as craft paper is grouped with origami.
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Re: cardstock paper 2017/10/20 12:44
@Hintman, thanks for the information! I think I found it with the terms you provided, one by Elecom エレコム クラフト紙 ペーパークラフト用紙 on Amazon appears to be the thick cardstock paper I am looking for, I will try the physical store first and ask a clerk and if they don't have it I'll order it from Amazon .
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Re: cardstock paper 2017/10/20 17:11
That sort of paper that is stockpaper is specifically called ケント紙/Kent paper in Japanese if you want a more specific term than クラフト用紙/craft paper which is more vague and includes other types of paper besides stockpaper.
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Re: cardstock paper 2017/10/20 17:50
@Tee thanks for the more specific word, I found more results searching ケント紙 kent paper that seems to be cardstock, and a bigger stack amount available with kent paper than the kids pack from Elecom, so thank you!
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