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chikazukeru 2017/10/20 06:06
A video game developer is talking about the recent expansion of his company into the overseas market:


Is he saying something like, "Expanding our horizons gets us closer to our ultimate goal of 'continuously producing games,' so there's nothing bad about it"? I'm confused by the lack of an object for 近づける.

Thank you again for your patience.
by Blenheim (guest)  

Re: chikazukeru 2017/10/20 14:07
Yes, you've got it right :)

- Expanding our potential/horizons means we can get closer to our ultimate...

This 近づける is the "can" form of 近づく, "(someone) get closer to...," and the subject "we" is not mentioned.
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Re: chikazukeru 2017/10/21 21:34
Thank you as always! :)
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