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Nara Deer park closed for New Year? 2017/10/20 15:05
Hi, I am planning to visit the Nara Deer Park and also the surrounding attractions. Will these be closed during the festive New Year period, 29 Dec to 01 Jan 2017?
by Justina Goh  

Re: Nara Deer park closed for New Year? 2017/10/20 19:23
Nara park is always opened day and night.
Deers come in the morning and leave in the evening(they sleep in mountain forest).
You can not feed any food other than deer biscuits(150 yen) sold at souvenir shops and street shops. Those shops may be closed during new year days(some shops may be opened with short hours).
Kasuga-taisha shrine and Todaiji tenple are packed with lots of visitors during new year days(Jan 1 - 3).
Nara National Museum is closed on Jan 1.
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Nara Deer park closed for winter? 2017/10/25 15:26
Hi, I am planning to visit the Nara Deer Park and also the surrounding attractions. i am planning go this winter(january 2018), this time, still available to see deer at the park?
by CHE RAWAIDA (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Nara Deer park closed for New Year? 2017/10/25 15:38
did you read the reply from the original post?
by justmyday (guest) rate this post as useful

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