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(scented) candles 2017/10/22 23:49

in Okayama area, Hiroshima area or on Kyushu were would I best get some special candles as a present.
I have seen small candles in stores but I'm looking for something really special, local japanese, possibly not factory produced.
Best would probably be scented candles that burn for a long time. Something candle related might be fine as well.
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Re: (scented) candles 2017/10/23 12:13
My suggestion is Marks and Web. This is a old Japanese soap company from Matsuyama, which make a variety of natural products, rarely found overseas. They have scented candles of varying sizes made from botanical and Japanese scents like yuzu and ylang ylang. As well they sell products made from wood, like hairbrushes, natural soaps, shampoos, body and hand lotions for both men and women. They have stores in most areas, often within the high end department stores, as well as online purchasing. Check their website .www marksandweb.com you may have to use google translate. Their store locations are at www.marksandweb.com/shop_search/134.php or 132.php.
These are the two in Hiroshima, but they are throughout Japan. They make beautiful gifts, packaged in brown cardboard boxes.
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