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Taenoyu vs Kyukamura at Nyuto Onsen 2017/10/25 15:55
Hi folks,

We want to spend two nights at Nyuto Onsen and do a bit of onsen hopping in late April next year.

However, we could only get 1 night at Yamanoyado. For the other night we have the option to either stay at Taenoyu or Kyukamura. For our budget we can only afford the small room without toilet at Taenoyu but for the same price, we can have a slightly bigger room with toilet at Kyukamura.

It seems the onsen options and style at Taenoyu are more special than Kyukamura? But Kyukamura is more secluded amongst the beech forest?

Can anyone recommend us or share your experience in either onsen: Kyukamura or Taenoyu?

Much obliged.
by hojo36  

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