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How do you say this in japanese 2017/10/26 14:58
"Im so sorry i wasn't able to watch your livestream since i was asleep when you did it"
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Re: How do you say this in japanese 2017/10/26 17:25
If that person who is a yr friend, or just you are his/her's fan,
Gomen(nasai). Sude ni Neteshimatte(ite), Sono Haishin wa Mirarenakatta(yo).

Writing the characters in the first and second brackets also makes me a little polite.
Do not write the characters in the first and second brackets, and only add the last one will be most "frank".
(also only "ごめん。寝てて見られなかった(よ)。Gomen, Netete Mirarenakatta(yo). = Sorry, I couldn't watch since sleeping." enough)
if you are a woman, use "no(の)" or "wa(わ)" instead of last "yo", these words means just emotion stronger.

If you respect that person, this is the best than above.
Sumimasen. Sude ni Neteshimatta-node, Sono Haishin wa Minogashite-shimaimashita.

Copy to below(delet brackets first), then click speaker icon.
Also "Google translate" has text reading function(by click speaker icon),
but intonation will be a bit unnatural. (Try it as comparing.)

there are several words to use when apologizing as first saying word,
but in this case do not use "申し訳有りません。(Moushiwake-arimasen)".

If btw friends case, you can use emoticons.
Also if that small failed means just "Oops,",
you can use "てへぺろ" add last as embarrassment including a joke like this.
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