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Eshima Ohashi bridge- what is it made of? 2017/10/26 17:36
hey all.
i saw he Eshima Ohashi bridge and it got me thinking, does anyone know what it is made of( expect concrete of course) . i was wondering if any composite material was used in order to make it. i will be very happy for a answer with a link or reference so i can use it for my studding.

thank you all
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Re: Eshima Ohashi bridge- what is it made of? 2017/10/26 22:59
Prestressed Concrete has used to make the structure, much stronger than steel reinforced concrete structure.
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Re: Eshima Ohashi bridge- what is it made of? 2017/10/27 07:21

Open "PDF" links and use Google translate.
You can find words "PC = Prestressed Concrete" and "ƒ‰[ƒƒ“(Rahmen in German lang)".

This "Rahmen" is NOT famous Japanese noodle "Ramen",
in Japanese lang both writes same "ƒ‰[ƒƒ“", be careful spelling.
Although the writting also saying in Japanese is completely same, but etymology is NOT related.

ƒ‰[ƒƒ“‹´ : Rahmen kyo (Rigid-frame_bridge)

This is for buildings about "Rahmen" vs Wall structured(Kabe shiki = •ÇŽ®)" type.

This is for PC bridge maintenance.

This is another big bridge of EXPway(toll road) in Wakayama, pref.
You can understand easier about "PC" is.
Also this is more info about "PC".

And, listen this song "‘S—Í‚ÌŽ" into the rest (after studying).
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