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Learning Japanese 2017/10/27 18:58
Hey guys,

my name is Razhap (pronunciation: Rashap).
I 15 years old and live in Austria, near Vienna.
I watch since 2015 animes with japanese dub and german subtitles.
I like the language and I always wanted to learn japanese .

I wanted to ask if it's hard to learn the language itself?
I already have begun to learn the "Katakana".
I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to help me learn.
Someone who has Japanese as a mother tongue and someone as old as I am.

I hope for quick answers.
Thank you
best regards

Razhap Ingush
by Razhap Ingush  

Re: Learning Japanese 2017/10/28 13:29
Hey Razhap,

It looks like you're on the right track. I'd recommend incorporating listening, reading, writing, and speaking into your daily study routine at they all work together in developing fluency. One thing that really impresses people here is when a foreigner can pronounce Japanese words correctly, so pronunciation and proper intonation is worth getting right. Start developing good habits early on and don't feel discouraged.

good luck

- lu
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Re: Learning Japanese 2017/11/2 20:52
I am a Japanese and I use translation software.
I am sorry if English was wrong.

Japanese is very difficult.
There are "hiragana" "katakana" "kanji" in Japanese.
"Kanji" is difficult even for Japanese people, and no one knows all the "kanji".
But "Kanji" has origin, there are rules.
For example, the moon.
The moon is written in Japanese as '月'.
When this "moon" is on the left it becomes a kanji related to the body.
However, it is not all.

elbow=肘[hizi] knee=膝[hiza] Belly=腹[hara] breast=胸[mune] thigh=腿[momo] etc...

Looking at "kanji" it seems to be frustrated.
However, if you do not give up learning, we recommend you to remember "radical" of "kanji".
In Japanese, "radical" is called "busyu".


There are 214 kinds of this.
When studying "kanji", it is interesting to investigate why this "kanji" is this form.
There are cases where you can understand the meaning of simple "kanji" in form.
(However, it is understandable if it is told)
Write example sentences.

Man=人[hito] fish=魚[sakana] bird=鳥[tori] wood=木[ki] Forest=林[hayashi] Woods=森[mori]etc...

If you can study "katakana" certainly also try "kanji".
I hope to be helpful for studying.
Good luck.
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Re: Learning Japanese 2017/11/4 23:58
You can try HelloTalk to find Japanese friends like your age. This app is available for both IOS and android.
Learn the kana(hiragana and katakana) first and then move to kanji, vocab and grammar etc.
If you don't mind paying though, I recommend you to buy a structured textbook like Genki, Minna no Nihongo or whatever textbook looks interesting to you. Because learning randomly is kinda waste of time. You can learn by using free materials online, but that might demotivate you because you'll find it so hard to learn things(no enough exercises{ you'll feel lost between resources for a long time and then just hang on.
(Sorry for blabbing so much, but that what happened to me and I don't really recommend anyone to do as I've did. Or maybe I'm lazier than normal people(!!)
If you somehow managed to make good friends on HelloTalk, iTalki etc, you would get motivated and learn a lot faster so good luck!!
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Re: Learning Japanese 2017/11/5 06:51
The problem with textbooks are that they are all bad. They are ok when you are in a class, but if not they leave out to explain so much.

I mean just look at Genki and Minna no nihongo, ok they have Audio files, but in word they dont even mention every pronounciation i believe if i remember correctly.

And while im myself not advanced enough to have come to that stage, i have not met that example from Sakashin.
Thats really good, Sakashin would be a really awesome teacher. Thats the problem with learning Japanese, a good teacher makes the difference if how long it takes.
I think with bad books or teacher it takes like 50 times longer.
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Re: Learning Japanese 2017/11/5 23:37
ありがとう ございます

Thank You ;D
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Learning Japanese 2017/11/7 02:58
I strongly recommend you to Buy Rōmaji Dictionary.As I am a Foreigner & Newcomer of japan,so I dont know,which publication published romanized ローマ字 Dictionary.But Following Dictionary is very Helpful.
In Japanese Bookshop,I found kanji to English,Eng to kanji,hiragana to English,Eng to hiragana Dictionary.
You can Buy this in Austria,if it is available.Whatever Money you invest to buy,I am sure,you will return this
with interest.Beside You Learn a New Language.And it is a plus point.You can Buy Rōmaji to English,Eng to Rōmaji Dictionary.Because You will found This ,As a awesome,tremendous Help.Online is Helpful,But Books appeal never ignored.
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