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Japanese Language Schools? 2017/10/28 04:25

I am a 15 year old British High School student (Year 11 // 10th grade), I plan to study Japanese language at a Japanese Language school when i finish in June (I will be 16 at the time) or when i finish college (not university) so i will be around 17 then, I hope to study for a year.

Are there any language schools in Tokyo or surrounding areas that you could reccomend? Or a similar option to live in Japan for a year at that age, (My parents are okay with it).

I would need it to be in a respectful price range (I curently have £3,000 - 447,954 Yen, $3937- and plan to save way more from working and selling my property)
To accept from the age range of 15-18
Provide Accomodation (Dorms, Apartments, Host Families, etc)
Include flights (If this is not possible, I understand)

Thank you!

PS. I already am studying Japanese by myself, but I believe it would be beneficial to study it in the country.
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Re: Japanese Language Schools? 2017/10/28 11:03
I went to Naganuma school in Shibuya. It is quite severe and classes are rather big, but teachers are very experienced and dedicated.

Most of the students are Taiwanese so language at school from day 1 is Japanese. Teachers also don't speak English. Which I personally think is an advantage.

Naganuma School essentially prepares you in 2 years to reach a level to start university in Japan.

I think you need to have a school graduation first. Check with them if 16 is too young. I think the youngest student I met, he was 19.

I visited Coto language school, but it seemed more for short term studies. And more for westerners so much less focus on kanji study.

If you are not fixed on Tokyo you could look into other cities that are also less expensive. I have heard good reviews about a language school in Fukuoka, but don't remember their name. Their classes are smaller I believe.

If at all possible try to do a JLPT exam before coming to Japan. It will give you extra motivation and a good check where your language abilities are.

Enjoy studying Japanese.
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Re: Japanese Language Schools? 2017/11/9 00:53

A website called 'Take Me to Japan' can help you find a language course. Just tell them what you want and they help out a lot. :)
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