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using luggage forwarding - Tokyo to Kyoto 2017/10/29 07:41
I am travelling with my daughter and grand-daughter next week and even if we travel as light as we can we will be a bit loaded down for train travel. Please can someone explain how we can utilise the luggage forwarding system. Well be going from Tokyo to Kyoto and then from Kyoto to Narita. In Tokyo we are staying in an apartment in Asakusa and again an apartment in Higashiyama in Kyoto. We leave in three days before we leave so a speedy reply would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Re: using luggage forwarding - Tokyo to Kyoto 2017/10/29 09:57
When you say "apartment", do you mean an AirBnB-type situation or more like hotel-style apartments with a reception desk? That is going to make a big difference to how you use the luggage forwarding system.

Reception desks can assist you with filling out the forms and can do the sending for you, and they can also accept the delivery for you. If you are staying in a private apartment, however, you will need to make sure you are present for the delivery, which could waste sightseeing time. An alternative is sending to/from a convenience store or post office.
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Re: using luggage forwarding - Tokyo to Kyoto 2017/10/29 15:56
Actually I mean neither. We didn't book through airbnb - we contacted a reputable accommodation rental organisation and rented a little apartment in both Tokyo and Kyoto because we really need a kitchen (dietary needs and a fussy grand-daughter). The owner may be willing to help me with the luggage sending but also there's a 7Eleven across the road so I'll try to sort it there.
Thanks for your advice - I will certainly look into it.
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Re: using luggage forwarding - Tokyo to Kyoto 2017/10/30 06:54
Hi, read the following website so you can understand it a bit more. It works extremely well. www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/en/

They also have an english speaking phone number.
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Re: using luggage forwarding - Tokyo to Kyoto 2017/10/31 06:54
Hi, yeshekathy.

I'm a Japanese working around the industry for a decade.
Maybe this blog post helps you wherever you are going to.

Japan Travel Tips: Luggage Transfer & Storage Service List
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