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Snow in Sapporo in end Nov to early Dec 2017/10/29 16:10
Hi, I will be travelling with my gal, hubby and mother in law to Hokkaido from 24 Nov to 3 Dec. This is our 1st trip to Japan. Is it advisable to self drive during this period? Will we be able to see snow and is those ski resort be open?

Hope to hear some good advice soon and thanks in advance for your kind assistance in the reply.

by Joey (guest)  

Re: Snow in Sapporo in end Nov to early Dec 2017/10/29 18:37
Very difficult to predict when the snow comes and if it stays that early in the winter; but if you do a self-drive, you can set off to the areas that does have snow around that time

Last two winters I spent weeks in Hokkaido in December and January driving around. Your tiny rental car will have 4WD and snow tyres, even in snowy and icy conditions I do not see any reason to advice people not to drive; just drive slower and adjust yourself to the weather.
by Jim (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Snow in Sapporo in end Nov to early Dec 2017/10/30 19:24
I lived in Hokkaido in Otaru for 6 months ( july to December) and it was already snowing end October but little and got heavy snow mid-November I hated it haha like every morning when I got out of my room I saw white only white
Normally itfs always like that so donft worry youfll have some snow lol
by Klodo rate this post as useful

Re: Snow in Sapporo in end Nov to early Dec 2017/11/7 12:51
Currently living in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The "biggest" city in Hokkaido. Don't know how true it is, so please don't quote me on that. It is not snowing right now in Sapporo, is all I can say. Early December, definitely there will be snow. Also, compared to last year, this time last year, there was a lot of snow around and it continued to snow for a couple of days too. This year I guess snow will be late, and there is no sign of it on the weather forecast for the next week or two. I think by the time you reach Hokkaido, there will be snow. 😀☺ Hope you enjoy your stay in Hokkaido. Best wishes!
by Ashima (guest) rate this post as useful

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