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Local Bus timetable (Snow Monkey Park) 2017/10/29 23:21
Hi folks,

I wanted to visit 'Jigokudani Monkey Park' at the begin of January 2018 (while weekdays) from Tokyo (day trip) and look for a valid bus time table. I intend to get on the local bus at Yudanaka Station on get off at Kambayashi Onsen.

Furthermore: Does anyone know, if I can buy such a 'Snow Monkey 1-Day-Pass' already in Tokyo? Or where is a branch office of Nagano Dentetsu at Nagano-Station?

Thank you very much in advance!

by Luebzer  

Re: Local Bus timetable (Snow Monkey Park) 2017/10/30 12:29
Get the pass at Nagano station and then the express bus direct (rather than train plus bus) - the ticket office is on one side of the station, and the bus stop the other. The express bus is fastest/easiest IMO. I am not aware of any agents selling the pass in Tokyo because it is issued on the day of use.

The path should be repaired by January.
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Re: Local Bus timetable (Snow Monkey Park) 2017/10/30 19:52
Check - they have details about how to access Jigokudani from various locations, including the bus timetables.
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Re: Local Bus timetable (Snow Monkey Park) 2017/11/5 23:16
Re: The path should be repaired by January. Does that mean the path is closed? We will be arriving approx 10 Dec 2017. Will there be any issues in visiting the monkey park? Thank you!
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Re: Local Bus timetable (Snow Monkey Park) 2017/11/6 01:46
Don't worry, the facebook page says: The Kanbayashi route to the Snow Monkey Park is reopened from today! Those traveling by bus and train can now get to the park more easily! And that was on 31st October. The path was closed due to Typhoon damage but is open now.
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