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Iya valley, no car, doable? 2017/10/30 09:13
Since having no drivings license, but wanting to visit the Iya valley in Shikoku (will be staying in Kochi or Okayama), is visiting the area doable only with buses? I saw there are only a few buses running into the valley.

Actually I wanted to see mt Tsurugi and the Oku-Iya area, but there seem to be only two buses going there each day on weekends...

I will be travelling in mid-May.
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Re: Iya valley, no car, doable? 2017/10/30 16:19
when i was there, the hotel driver showed me around, but i had an hotel for one night in iya valley.

however: try to plany your trip that it falls on a weekend. on weekends there are generally more buses.
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Re: Iya valley, no car, doable? 2017/11/1 00:50
Arighty, thank you for the information :)

Do you know any bus timetables for the area?
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Re: Iya valley, no car, doable? 2017/11/2 13:01
My husband and I travelled through the Iya Valley in 2012 and received a great response on this site regarding bus timetables. It is an old thread but you might pick up something from it - try searching in this forum for "Broulee Iya Valley" - the thread was 2012/13/3.

We loved our time in this part of Japan. We stayed at the Iya Valley onsen who looked after us well. The only comment I would make would be that back then, the bus was not large so don't overdo the luggage!

We now drive in Japan with an english-speaking GPS but in 2012 we were solely on foot.

Good luck
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