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Currency exchange 2017/11/3 05:30
Hello friends,

Currently planning a trip with 6 people and although this isn't my first time going to Japan, I would like to better understand the best way to have the most return regarding currency exchange. I am based in US, CA, and the last time I have done it was through my bank Chase, but after doing a little more research I'm seeing a mixed variety of answers saying that airport exchange is the best in Japan, and some others saying just using an ATM to withdraw cash is better. Which is it??
by Henry (guest)  

Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/3 11:35
I recommend you to bring cash from us and exchange it at exchange place in Japan. Even though, you miss to exchange currency in the airport, you can find exchange place every major train station in Tokyo.
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Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/3 22:31
Last week at Haneda I got \111/US$1 at the Mizuho Bank counter.

At Ikebukuro station, I checked Travelex, to see what joke rate they were offering. \105/US$1.

Thus, changing $1,000 at Travlex would cost you \6,000, or a little under $60 more than at a better place. Not far from Travelex at Ikebukuro station I found a changer offering \110/US$1.

Do not ever, at any airport in the world, use Travelex.

Change your money upon arrival at the airport in Japan. It is easy; right outside customs & immigration. Don't mess around trying to get Japanese currency at a USA bank.
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Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/4 11:17
The airport exchange offices are never better. They know people do silly things and need to change the money straight away for whatever reason these people have. So their rates are normally worse than other locations.

I just take enough yen (exchanged at my home bank) to cover a few days. The pull out of an 7eleven atm as I need more. As the rates from the 7eleven atm tend to be better than elsewhere.

Everyone's situation is different. As we all use different banks with different rules and regs. So in the end you really need to do your own homework.
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Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/4 19:06
As @Hakata14 says people have a variety of ways of getting currency. I'm in the UK and find that buying online in advance is the best way for me. I have used a variety of companies for this. For Travelex, if I buy online there are no fees and I have always found the exchange rate comparable with elsewhere.
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Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/5 02:16
I am similar to Hakata14. I have been to Japan several times. I have some yen from my last trip, and it will be enough for food, transport, and my first night's hotel. I try to use Postal ATM's after that. I usually fly into Narita, and stay in Nippori. There is a post office two or three doors down from my normal hotel, and I go there for more cash.
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Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/6 05:13
Some extremely good advice here and I will definitely take this feedback to heart. I was researching some more and just wanted to share this with everyone, what do you guys think?


The current exchange rate as of this post is 101.4867 - 1USD, but travelex is showing me 100.5 if i try to exchange
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Re: Currency exchange 2017/11/6 08:30
That is not a big difference....

On my arrival to Haneda Int'l terminal last month, the Mizuho Bank bought my USD at 1/112.39yen.....next to the entrance to the trains, there was a Travelex booth....just for kicks I looked and they were buying USD for 1/99.80yen....now THAT'S quite a difference....never exchange at a Travelex, period!
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